Real Estate Videography

Making Waves has always been about telling stories, and what better way to sell a home than by telling a story of what it’s like to live there.

Through this “new normal” that has presented itself with the COVID-19 shutdowns, we believe that our storytelling can help show homes while respecting the social distance of the owners. 

We have two tiers of videos to choose from and add-ons available to meet your needs:


4K Cinematic Lifestyle Video

A video like this showcases all of the home’s amenities in an artful fashion with punchy music and beautiful 4k footage. This timeless video helps showcase a home that has luxuries that are easily overlooked during a basic showing and elicits a homey feeling from the viewers. Homeowners find this video to be a cherished memento from their time at their property and realtors will appreciate the reach that a video like this gains for the commuting buyer. 


  • 4k Footage
  • Aerial video
  • Selling features of the house highlighted with stylistic shots
  • Compelling editing
  • Sunset/twilight filming
  • Branded and non-branded versions for MLS sites
  • 1 Editing revision
  • 4-6 hours on-site

HD Walk-Through Video

A simple and efficient video that retains the quality that Making Waves is known for. The fast turnaround rate is perfect for hot listings and busy realtors, and the quality will surely impress buyers who are looking to get a true feel of the home.


  • 1080p HD Footage
  • Aerial video
  • Branded and non-branded versions for MLS
  • 2-day delivery
  • 2-3 hours on site